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Title: Life In Vain Artist: Daniel Johnston 3,193 plays


Life in vain from the album Fun (1994) by Daniel Johnston.

"Don’t want to be free of hope
And I’m at the end of my rope
It’s so tough just to be alive
When I feel like the living dead
I’m giving it up so plain
I’m living my life in vain
And where am I going to?

I got to really try
Try so hard to get by
And where am I going to?”

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blue is your colour
count me in dont bother
i know you’re somewhere
confrontation softened

i guess it’s all your problem

show me some vigour
throw off those covers
show her you love her
defiance softened

i guess it’s all your problem

dont be mad at me my friend
im useless and im lazy, yeah?

includes cover versions of EUGENE QUELL, KEEL HER, JOEY FOURR, Shellac, Fugazi, Pavement and Daniel Johnston

Title: riot grrrl (keel her cover) Artist: RAVI GUNSLINGER 29 plays

some are fucking lonely nights
bad rhythm, and big car lights

fuck me, in the backseat 
im so bored of boys who cheat

Ravi Gunslinger - The Milk-Shakey-Shakey-Shakey 

hello, here’s a video i made. its loosely based on the andy warhol screen test of baby jane holzer.


My Bloody Valentine, 1992

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Title: Cut Yr Hair (Pavement cover) Artist: Ravi Gunslinger 9 plays

Darling won’t you go and cut your hair, do you think it’s gonna make him change? (please like, as i only have 1 like and my ego feels very small)


Blue brute. Leicester, March 2014.

Ravi Gunslinger is a 30-something, jobless bum. Still living with his parents he makes unimportant, self-depricating music about past lovers on an old tascam 4-track.

Some call him the brown J Mascis, many don’t. He started making music in the early 90s. Was Kurt Cobain a fan? Did he famously wear a Ravi Gunslinger tee in public? No one really nose. 

Don’t be a racist, have a listen.

Title: Oh Baby, I'm a real man now Artist: Ravi Gunslinger 10 plays
#1994  #lo-fi  

slow dive slowdive slow dive

Title: untitled demo Artist: ANDANDANDAND 70 plays

You spat it out and split with a gaze

made for me

on wasted days 

i filled my lungs with bad air

Anonymous asked: What do you think of cookies?

i love them <3