Ravi Gunslinger - The Milk-Shakey-Shakey-Shakey 

hello, here’s a video i made. its loosely based on the andy warhol screen test of baby jane holzer.



My Bloody Valentine, 1992

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Title: Cut Yr Hair (Pavement cover) Artist: Ravi Gunslinger 12 plays

Darling won’t you go and cut your hair, do you think it’s gonna make him change?

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Blue brute. Leicester, March 2014.


Ravi Gunslinger is a 30-something, jobless bum. Still living with his parents he makes unimportant, self-depricating music about past lovers on an old tascam 4-track.

Some call him the brown J Mascis, many don’t. He started making music in the early 90s. Was Kurt Cobain a fan? Did he famously wear a Ravi Gunslinger tee in public? No one really nose. 

Don’t be a racist, have a listen.

Title: Oh Baby, I'm a real man now Artist: Ravi Gunslinger 10 plays
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slow dive slowdive slow dive

Title: untitled demo Artist: ANDANDANDAND 72 plays

You spat it out and split with a gaze

made for me

on wasted days 

i filled my lungs with bad air


Anonymous asked: What do you think of cookies?

i love them <3


Title: haha yeah. Artist: ANDANDANDAND 100 plays
Title: staring into the eyes of former nottingham forest player, jason lee Artist: andandandand 180 plays

staring into the eyes of former nottingham forest player, jason lee

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Title: MESSY DIGS Artist: MATH-eeUW PATEL 49 plays

Did you always feel this way 

about the way I feel

Take a look around and see 

it easy to be seen 

#90s  #indie  #lo-fi  


Mr Frank Turner, Möngöl Hörde, Leeds Festival 2012

viva la punk

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